Strategic Planning & Government Services

Strategic planning — Reel Planning in Rockhampton, QLD
Strategic Planning

Reel Planning, along with our network of specialist professionals, can undertake complex investigations and policy work to give direction to land use planning and development throughout Queensland. Whether working for Council, State government, an infrastructure provider or a developer, our sound knowledge of strategic planning principles will ensure policy objectives are multi-dimensional and practicable.

What we do
  • Structure planning
  • Strategic analysis and advice
  • Master planning
  • Local Area / precinct plans
  • Infrastructure designations
  • GIS and mapping analysis
  • Land use strategies (i.e. industrial, residential, rural, etc.)
  • Tourism and economic development strategies
  • Neighbourhood character and heritage planning
  • Activity centre / town centre / commercial strategies
Strategic vision — Reel Planning in Rockhampton, QLD
Local Government Services

We pride ourselves on understanding matters affecting local government in Queensland, bringing to the table an extensive working knowledge of the role and function of town centres, governance and policy development, and the importance of agricultural land issues and the industrial sector to the livelihood of regional communities.

What we do
  • Preparation of planning schemes
  • Prelodgement advice
  • Assessment and monitoring of applications
  • Preparation and presentation of assessment reports
  • Customer service
  • Processing planning and development certificates
  • Survey plan assessment and approval
  • Development compliance investigations