Brisbane Team

Director Greg Ovenden leads our Brisbane team. Greg has over 30 years of experience in the planning industry, commencing his career as Planning Officer with Gold Coast City Council in 1987.

Principal Planner, Kieran Ryan manages the Brisbane Office. Kieran has been with Reel Planning for 12 years and works across the three main business sectors; Local Government Services, Development Assessment and Appeals.
Greg Ovenden BRTP
Kieran Ryan BRTP (Hons)
Principal Town Planner
Helena Charlton BUEP
Principal Town Planner
Amy Adamson BUEP (Hons)
Principal Town Planner
Claire Nally BRTP (Hons)
Senior Town Planner
Mica Cook BRTP (Hons)
Senior Town Planner
David Zanker BURP
Senior Town Planner
Stephen Whitaker BURP (Hons)
Senior Planner (NQ Planning Manager)
Oliver Allbutt BRTP
Town Planner
Cheryl Lock
Office Manager

Central Queensland Team

Principal Planner Michaela Huelin leads our Central Queensland Team. Michaela has over 14 years of experience in the planning industry, with a diverse background in both the private and public sectors. The majority of Michaela’s career has been based in the regions where she enjoys the lifestyle, the challenges and inclusive communities.
Principal Town Planner
Senior Town Planner